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What Your Body Parts Say About Your Real Character

According to scientists, the body part speaks volumes about a person’s personality and character. From the face to the nose, eyes, lips and hands can all be used to determine a person’s personality traits.

Here are some of the body parts and what it says about a person’s personality and character.

1. Nose shape

Per a study conducted in 2013 by the journal of Craniofacial surgery, the tissues that form the shape of your nose can convey a number of things about your personality. Here are what they found about types of noses and their personality traits;

• People who have long noses are really ambitious and hardworking. They are usually perfectionists and tend to put their professional lives ahead of their personal lives.

• People with short noses can be very sensitive and loyal. They value feelings more than anything and they would be rather happy with their families than climb to the top of their carrier ladder.

• Pointy noses people usually make great financial advisors because they tend to handle their monies very wisely.

• People with straight noses are very intelligent and very reliable

• Those with button shaped noses are very loving, caring and optimistic. They can get emotional at times

• Most people who have large nostrils like to spend money than saving and those with small nostrils show strong commitment to personal relationships and families.

2. Face shape

A study held by researchers at Charles University in Prague showed that, the researchers were able to link the faces of people’s photographs to some common personality traits. They came up with the subsequent results;

• People who have long faces are highly intelligent individuals while narrow face structure is a sign of a more emotional rather than an intelligent individual

• Those who have wide faces are emotionless and highly successful in life.

3. Eye colour and shape

In a study conducted in 2007 in Sweden, scientists were able to link the eye colour of participants with their personality traits in order to determine whether a person’s eye reflect their character. They also linked the shape of the eye to some character traits. They were able to link the eye structure to the frontal lobe of the brain which is responsible for forming a person’s personality.

• Individuals who have brown eyes are naturally leaders and are highly intelligent individuals

• People with pure dark brown eyes are a sign of an introverted mysterious and secretive nature

• People with wide eyes tend to be more expressive and emotional in their personal lives. They are very detail oriented and generally like to be cautious

• Individuals who have huge eyes or big eye balls are open-minded, intelligent and friendly.

• A person with small and wide eyes is introverted perfectionist

• People with deep or inner set eyes tend to be mysterious, observant and intense.

4. Lips

Lips have their own unique print a bit like the fingertips and that they reveal quite lot about your personality traits. Jean Haner, an expert in face reading and also a psychologist found that the lips affect your personality, the way you feel about others and how you behave. It also show your emotional side and how you act in personal relationships.

• People with medium sized lips have no exaggerated features and they tend to be independent in relationships, appreciate affection but cannot stand drama

• Larger lips can show an individual who is very nurturing towards others and puts everyone else’s needs first

• People with wide lips tend to be generous and outgoing. They like catering to their loved ones needs.

• People with thin lips are very competitive. They mostly prefer to be alone but they also like to be recognized by others for their strong personality traits

5. Hands

According to the American Academy of hand analysis, the hands have a unique structure that’s almost impossible to find in someone else’s. One thing to look at is the distance between your fingers. Just open your palm wide and raise it to your eye level.

• if your fingers seem far apart from each other, it means that you love exploring and having experiences

• if your fingers are positioned close together, it shows that you are more cautious

6. Fingers

• If your ring finger is longer than your index finger, then it means you’ve got a lot of charm. You mostly want to take more risks in both your personal and business life .

• If the index finger is longer than your ring finger, then you are a natural born leader.

• If your index finger and ring finger are of the same length, then it means you are a good communicator.

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