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Plastic surgery gone bad: the effect of bad plastic surgery and the reason why you must be in limits

You may have come across a few people with thick and attractive lips, plus sized women with huge backsides or slim women with bodies which have curves that look like an over-bent parabola. These are wonderful physical characteristics that nature has bestowed upon some people. However, there are some people with different body physique but still wish they could have what the bigger people have. There is nothing absurd with changing your looks using procedures like exercise and fitness or sophisticated medical procedures like therapeutics and plastic surgery. The real danger unfolds when one is prepared to put his or her life on the edge in order to make a desire come true. In this article, I will be highlighting the effects and some of the outcomes of plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is the generic term for a group medical procedure that involve the physical correction and manipulation of body disorders related to the skin or internal structures that affect the appearance of the outer body structure. Some of these procedures include; "breast augmentation", rhinoplasty, tummy tucking, lipo-suction, "butt lifting and enlargement", etc.

People who want to change their looks can go in for one, or a combination of more than one of these procedures. The medical professionals who undertake these surgeries weigh the impact it would have and point these impacts out to the patient before the operation is carried out. This is very important because different people have different ways in which their bodies respond to a change in it's normal function. When the cons outweigh the pros, they quickly drop the chosen technique.

Some people who are desperate about what they want insist on undertaking unsafe operations, knowing very well the risks involved and this usually ends up in a catastrophe. Silicone is the most common type of implant used in plastic surgery because of it's chemical stability and non-toxicity. It is also soft and squishy, hence adds a more natural look when implanted in the body. The images in this article are those of some plastic surgeries which ended up not so well. It may be due to reasons such as; lack of accommodation of the implants and the body's immune response, wrong procedures or over-sizing, which is the most common reason.

An over-sized implant exerts a lot of pressure on the pocket in which it resides and this is most likely to cause a rapture. The effects of over-sizing precedes any of the aforementioned reasons and therefore the best way to prevent any complication is to heed to medical advice and stay within limits.

Photo credit; botched reality medical show

Note; The images in this article are medical images and are solely for the purpose of illustration

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