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How To Apply Your Cologne The Right Way

A cologne defines one's personality, self-confidence and the ability to stand out among other people.

However, for most people who lack the knowledge of cologne application, tends to put people off with their overwhelming scents.

 In this article, i am going to share with you, some of the mistakes you need to avoid by learning how to apply cologne properly.

1. Apply Cologne On Dry Skin : It is recommended to use a cologne right after taking your shower.When spraying, the nozzle of the cologne should be 3-6 inches away from your skin.

2.Apply Cologne On Pulse Points : In order to get the most out your cologne, you should apply cologne on pulse points.Pulse points are the warmest part of your body : chest,neck,lower jaw,wrist,forearm, inner elbow and shoulder.The heat in these areas tends to push out the scent throughout the day.However, it is recommended to start with one pulse point at a time, and as you learn the scent, you can add 2-3 other spots.

3.Limit Your Spray : It is recommended to limit your number of sprays, so as not overpower people with your scent. People close to you should be able to smell your cologne.

4.Dont Apply Cologne On Your Clothes : The reason why it is not recommended to apply cologne on your clothes is that, the oil concentration in the cologne may stain your clothes. 

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