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Check out the reason why these items are designed this way (see photos)

There are many items that we see on a regular basis. But we don't know what they're about or what their characteristics mean. Did you know that every little design has a meaning? They're made for a specific reason. They have a hidden meaning. The meanings of the nine most popular things we use in our everyday lives are explained in this article. 

The hole in a pen's cover 

The cap of some pens has tiny holes in it (cover). There's a reason for the void. The aim of the pen hole is to keep the pen from suffocating if the cover case is swallowed.

Shoe with small holes 

Shoe holes serve the incredible function of allowing air to reach the shoe. This will keep the feet from getting sweaty, and it prevents the shoe to smell bad. 

The tiny hole in padlock 

A padlock, as you might know, is held outside, where it is open to the sun and rain. The tiny hole's primary function is to allow engine oil to be poured into the padlock when it becomes difficult to open. The second is to clear the water while it is raining.

Margins in a Notebook 

The aim of book margins is to keep essential writing off the page. When rats were kept in a home, they used to eat books. So this was a stroke of brilliance at the moment. When the rats begin to eat the book, they will only consume the margins. 

Stripes on headphones 

Every pair of headphones has at least two, if not three, stripes. The implication of these stripes is that they are wired to both of the headphone's ears. That's why, if your ears aren't properly plugged, you can only hear from one.

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