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HISTORIAL FACT: Ever Wonder Why Some Ladies Put Necklace Around Their Ankles?

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This article was again prompted by an unknown fact which I’m about to share with you. Don’t forget to follow me to receive such articles about unknown facts. Have you ever wondered why some ladies put a chain or jewelry around their ankles? If not, allow me to tell you all about it. 

In Africa, we all know that when a lady puts on chain on the leg, it represents an act of prostitution and this has lead to the mindset black people have. Africans normally conclude that a woman is a prostitute if she has a chain around the leg. 

Well, according to secret sources, the chains around the leg is a kind of fashion for some particular group of people. It traces its origin from India. It is known that it is celebrities who normally put on such jewelry around the their ankles. This trend influenced others to fashion themselves in such ways. Although others put on the jewelry without knowing what it symbolizes, this is what it means.

Other women too put it around their one leg or even both. These necklaces or chains they wear stunningly make them attractive though not to all. This is so in the sense that others use it to signify they are married. Therefore, it is a symbol of her marriage to the man.

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