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"I'm Burning All My Wigs" A Lady Breaks The Internet As She Goes All Natural (Photos)

TyloBanks, a popular social media user, revealed to the world that she is getting rid of all her wigs in a fiery demise.Instead, the confident lady is choosing to fully embrace her naturally beautiful hair and shared a pic of her new look.

The natural beauty of a woman's hair is incomparable. I believe everyone should ponder how their hair appears naturally. Keratin treatments and other hair-enhancing procedures may make your hair look great, but remember that they are not long-lasting or natural.

Being confident in who you are is the first step in learning to accept your natural hair. Your natural hair can be embraced by learning more about it and using moisturising products to help you style or treat it. Natural hair care is not difficult and is not time-consuming. Being armed with the correct information helps one feel confident in their ability to learn and apply it.

Which do you prefer: a wig or your natural hair?As a man, would you allow your wife or girlfriend to have natural hair over a wig? As a woman, can you live without your wigs? Is natural hair beautiful than wig? Is she beautiful in her natural hair & more beautiful on wig?

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