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Which Of The Three Northern Regions Got The Best Smock In Ghana? Check It Out

Smocks are traditional clothes that are worn by many Ghanaian men for different occasions. They are often won to portray authority and power. It is very uncommon to see traditional leaders, expecially in the northern region to wear any different attire apart from the smock. This shows how prestigious it is in our culture.

In the olden days, it was perceived that only men are to wear to smock but these days with more stylish and designers emerge, they have been able to successfully design a female version of the smock which they also wear for special occasions and sometimes casually.

Smocks are woven in the northern part of Ghana. It is regarded as the home for the traditional clothes. Smocks are woven in the northern region, Savannah Region, Upper East.

However, each region has a special way of weaving the smock which makes it distinct from the other regions. Sometimes the method of sowing, the fabric used and the colours can give you a clue as to which region the smock comes from.

We have gathered three different smocks from the three northern regions; Savannah Region, Northern region and the Upper East Region to compare and contrast.

This is the type that are indigenous to the Upper East Region, that is the Frafras.

This is the type that are from the Savannah Region. That is for of Gonjas

This is the design from the Northern region. The choice of the Dagombas.

There are others that are also woven in the region but these are the primary or the basic types that you can get. Which region has the best smock.

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