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Strange and unusual shoes people actually wear

Shoes are things we wear to to prevent are under leg from injury. It protects our foot from things like nails, pins, sharp things that can pierce into our foot and cause injury.

Shoes also protects us from germs and bacteria that can pass through our feet and cause diseases, it also protects our feet from diseases like leprosy.

Shoes or foot wears are now used for fashion, many people style up and look good depending on the shoes they wear. However, there are some strange and unusual shoes that people actually wear. Let's take a look at them:

This shoe is very unusual, it looks like a sea coral. People actually wear this shoe and I wonder why, I don't think it's for fashion because it doesn't look that fancy.

This shoe is strange, it is designed exactly as the foot of humans but just has shoe qualities.

The thing you are seeing up there is not a mouse but a shoe designed like a mouse. If you are someone who is afraid of mice I don't think you can wear this shoe.

The thing above is not an octopus but a shoe. I don't even know what the fashion sense is turning into, it looks very strange and unusual. Who would like to wear such huge stuff on the leg?

What is your say in this?

Do they look fancy? Would you like to wear any one of them?

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