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Look Extravagant In These Fashionable Ladies Dresses That Can Be Worn To All Your Favorite Occasions

Today we are looking at cute trending but simple short Ankara dresses that you can wear with swag. Yes, you can choose to wear a cute Ankara gown with shoes, sandals, or slippers, but there’s a look that you get from wearing African dresses with sneakers that we want to showcase here in this blunter. Fashion is not about finding a comfortable go-to style and sticking to it, it is more about getting creative. While the idea of rocking a short Ankara gown with sneakers is not new, people still shy away from it as there isn’t enough style to inspire you. Lots of women are now getting hooked on sneakers due to how convenient it is and with the right inspiration and creativity, you can pair sneakers with Ankara to dinner dates, parties, and formal occasions.

Some years ago rocking sneakers with any sort of native African print would be frowned at because it wasn’t the trend. Today every fashionista is at it, rocking a mixture of sneakers and Ankara gowns, Ankara peplum tops, and other forms designs of African print Ankara. If you’ve always been a lover of the sneakers trend and you are reluctant to explore it with your African prints simply because you don’t know how to, keep calm and sit tight as we show you simple ways to Rock Ankara with sneakers. These ways require little or no effort from you to look stylish. And they as well offer you comfort and style at the same time.

In conclusion, when pairing your Ankara outfits with sneakers, ensure the sneakers are plain colored. This is because the Ankara fabric usually has many colors and patterns. Wearing a multicolored pair of shoes only adds noise, rather than volume, to your outfit.

Therefore, you should go for black or white sneakers to be on the safe side. But if you choose to don another color of sports shoes, ensure it’s plain-colored and it matches one of the colors of your outfit. Do this and presto! You’re a pro on how to rock Ankara with sneakers.

Content created and supplied by: GinaTrendz (via Opera News )

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