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CHECK THIS OUT: Trendy And Gorgeous Half Up Hairstyle For Classic Ladies

When it comes to the fashion world or say the entertainment world, there has always been one thing that makes a big wave for sometime and everybody tries to have a piece of it. And that’s what we term ‘TREND’.

This trend comes in all aspects of entertainment industry; clothing, hair, shoes, dance, etc. We are going to take an aspect of it -The Hair.

Trust me if you meet someone for the first time, what they look at, first, is your hair. We Ladies, our hair is one important aspect of our beauty. That is why whenever we see our fellow lady, we first take a glance at their hairstyle, then we admire or get jealous of it, lol 😁.

That was just by the way, now one hairstyle making quite a wave though it has been around for sometime now is the Half-Up Half-Down with Fulani braids. Fulani braid is a well parted cornrow with beads at the end. All you need for this braid is a pack of braiding hair and curly crochet hair.

But don’t worry if you don’t have a curly hair. You can just wrap your braiding hair around a Flexi rod or roller set and then dip them into hot water for a few seconds. You have your curls!! You can decide to leave it straight, I tried it myself and it came out superb.

I hope this beautiful half up hairstyles inspires your next hairdo.

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