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What are hairstyles and some list of hairstyles

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hairstyles are styling of hair ,usually on the human scalp.

The fashioning of hair can be considered as an aspect of personal grooming ,fashion and cosmetics, although practical,culture and popular considerations also influence some hairstyles.

hairstyle is the style in which some's hair is cut or arrange.


Cornrow is one of many strips of hair twisted together close to the head in thin rows.


Afro is away of arranging the hair so that it is very thick,curly and has arounded shape .

Hairstyles are the best way of expressing our personality in style , the hairstyles we do makes us look more beautiful and awesome.letting your hair grow on it own is a bad idea ,because it makes dry .it is say that hair is the greatest ornament of a woman.

Here are some list hairstyles you can try in 2021

1.havanna twist. 2.cornrow. 3.dread locks. 4.weaves. 5.cocket

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Afro Cornrow


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