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Meet The Talented Rastafarian Who Makes Beautiful Shoes Out Of Printed Clothes.

We are in control of our own destiny. But for your parents, no one on this planet wishes for you to be more than they are. Since so many people are vying for the same job, job availability in Africa is extremely limited. The lives of those who have never set foot in a classroom are made even more pitiful by the fact that the majority of well-paying jobs need certificates prior to employment.

Due to a lack of employment opportunities, many young people have turned to self-employment. Some sell their wares on the markets, while others make their own footwear.

This is a young Ghanaian man who has decided not to waste his time or engage in armed robbery, but rather to do something useful with his hands and leave the rest to God Almighty. He creates shoes out of locally printed clothing. His use of colors and fabrics is one-of-a-kind, making his shoes stand out in the shoe industry.

This is a modest start. Many successful businesses, such as Google, Adidas, and Nike, began with an idea. He may be working under a tree today, but if he doesn't give up on his dreams, he will own a shoe manufacturing business in a few years. "I started '' can be found in every successful idea.

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