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Pictures: Here are Some Stunning Kente Clothes for 2021 that will Make you look More Charming

Kente is a woven fabric constructed of interwoven textile strips made of silk and cotton. It is indigenous to Ghana's Akan tribe, although it is widely worn by many other communities influenced by the Akans. Kente is derived from the Akan dialect Asante word kenten, which means basket. Kente is a Ghanaian fabric that originated in the Ashanti kingdom of Bonoman, back in the 20th century.

The cloth has come to represent cultural ties to West Africa throughout the diaspora. According to legend, the first kente methods and patterns were inspired by a spider spinning, a complicated web. Western African, Ewe people have also been weaving kente cloth for millennia, however, their motifs are more abstract. For decades, Kente fabric has been a well-known textile export from Africa to the United States.

It is constructed from vertical fabric strips that are cut and sewed together to form wider swathes that can be worn on the body. While kente weaving is typically a man's job, both men and women are frequently seen wearing these exquisite, wearable works of art. Kente has come to represent a kind of kinship with African ancestors. In Ghana, kente clothes are also used by brides and grooms for their wedding and engagement ceremonies. Here is a look at some of the most recent fashion kente design trends in 2021.

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