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Are you aware that, these 5 simple food tips reduces aging and leaves your skin glowing

If you have tried different skincare products and brands and still not getting the result you are looking for, then don't loose hope and don't think that is all for you or your skin is tough, it just that there is this simple food tips or ideas you are missing out on to give you that dreamy and envy skin.

Here is what you should know about the food or the diet you easily consume on a daily basis and how it massively affects your skin, foods such as fats, sugar, milk just to mention a few though sounds healthy and can also not be the best for you if you are aiming for a healthy and glowing skin.

 I am not saying don't take these foods but you should really consider the amount you consume if you really want that glowing or wrinkle free skin and by the way this is just some few among the 5 tips am going to talk about. 

The first on the list is sugar. Reduce your intake of sugar. When i say sugar, am not talking about the normal table sugar only. The body produces sugars from different foods we consume such as grains, bread and carbonated drinks which are mostly empty calories with sugar. These excess and unhealthy sugars bring about wrinkles. I need you to remember that sugar is the end product of the mention foods above.

Reduce your intake of processed foods or if possibly, get rid of it. Processed foods such as already made food in cans or easy to eat food can be avoided since it contains the chemical and some fats that are not good for the body and contain free radicals that slows down the aging process and reduces inflammation of the skin. Eat real food or plant food that do not contain these that can indirectly cause harm to you and not give you the skin you want.

Ditch diary food with the exception of kids. If you are an adult and you have an inflamed skin such as a pimple or acne, you can start by trying to avoid diary foods such milk. Diary foods sounds healthy but what you should know  about it is that it contains proteins and lactose (milk sugar) which most people akin do not react very well to especially when you have acne. In the process of getting rid of your acne, avoid diary foods which will reduce inflammation and slow down aging process as well. 

Make fruits and vegetables your best foods if you want a healthy skin. Colourful fruits and vegetables are the best since the skin layers of these fruits contains antioxidants and nutrients which are obtained when you consume a different variety of them. It helps keep you hydrated and supple with a glowing skin with all the nutrients you will get when eat them. 

Eat healthy fats. Don't get me wrong, the word is healthy fat. There two forms of fats we consume and the function they both perform on you body and in the long term affect your skin. 

We have saturated fats from the animal and unsaturated fats from plants. All are very important to us. Too much of saturated fats can adversely affect your skin, so you should be careful of the number of saturated fats you consume. 

The most essential fats to consider are the unsaturated fats since it mostly plant source and healthy for the skin. 

The example of these fats is the omega 3 monounsaturated fatty acid. Don't be scared, these are examples olive oil and make sure you don't cook them to reduce it effectiveness.Another is the omega 6 fatty acids which are easily common these days to get on the market. Corn oil and soya bean oil.

You should actually consider them when cooking. It's very essential to the body and greatly affects you skin as well. There are examples like avocado, fish oil from salmon just to mention a few. 

Thank you very much for having spared some time to read this article and if you find it educative and interesting, you can follow me for more of my latest educative articles and you should not forget to like it as well.

Source: Dr. Anthony Youn,youtube channel.

Picture source: Pinterest

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