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Check Out This Braided Wig Made By A Lady

Most African women love twisted braid hairstyles. It is one of the common hairstyles you see on a lady's hair at least once a month. Because of the too much heat in Africa, some ladies prefer wigs to braided hairstyles on their natural hair.

Normally, wigs last longer than twist braid hairstyles. This is because wigs are designed to be worn like a hat. This means that the lady can remove and hang it on her wall to be used the next day. You can also eradicate the scent that comes with it by drying it in the sun. But a normal braided hairstyle on ladies' natural cannot be treated this way.

There is good news for all ladies who love twist braided hairstyles but mostly get uncomfortable with the heat that comes with them. The young woman in your picture has been able to design a braided hairstyle that you can use as a wig.

Looking at what is in her hand, she uses a nice cloth matching colour of the hair to design it. This means that if you are going in for black braid style, she will use a black cloth to design the edge for you. The young lady has braided the artificial hair onto this nice cloth.

This way, you can remove your braided hairstyle when you return from work to get your natural hair some fresh air. Most Ghanaians after coming across this new innovation shower praises on this lady. They stated that Africa is indeed endowed with a lot of talents and ideas.

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