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Ladies, Here Are Some Ankara Outfit And Fascinator Combinations, You Can Consider When Stepping Out

Fascinators are regarded as headpieces used by females. They come in different shapes and sizes but are usually light in weight. Due to the weight, they are very comfortable to wear. These beautiful hats are decorated with trimmings, feathers, sinamay, laces and buttons, flowers just to mention a few.

It is a very popular trend in the United Kingdom. Worn by royals for weddings, social gatherings and state events. The trend has been embraced by so many people over the years.

Also, because this fashionable accessory is reserved for women, some prefer to wear it matching their outfits. In most cases, the fabrics used for an outfit is also used for the fascinates.

I will share with you, few style inspirations of this gorgeous trend using Ankara, known as African wax prints. Choosing any African wax prints design, go ahead and achieve this fabulous combination. Fortunately, one is not restricted to places they can be worn to.

Consider using the combination for any casual purposes, events, church, weddings or any other social gatherings. You will certainly be the centre of attraction and inspire others with this fashionable look.

Like I said earlier, they came in different sizes. Some have very wide brims protecting the wearer from sunlight. This can be highly considered when going to the beach or use during summer to make a bold fashion statement as shown below;

Furthermore, it can be observed that, because the outfit is stylish, some of these fascinators do not have many decorations on them. This, however, does not take away beauty from the general look. The perfect match is still adorable.

As you have seen for yourself they are glamorous. In my opinion, try having a style of it in your wardrobe and consider it when stepping out to make a bold trendy fashion statement.

Content created and supplied by: fashionaffairs (via Opera News )

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