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Dress Style


What's your style? Determine from the 7 perspectives and Clothing character types

Design that you follow and your fashion awareness mirrors your demeanor. In case there are many design styles they all have their base on the mentality and character of individuals wearing them. Whatever your design your disposition characterizes it, finishes it. Here is a characterization of the best of these perspectives and the characters that intrinsically contain these mentalities. Which style would you say is yours?

Your Fashion style and Personality type when you cannot think beyond candy pinks and pretty dresses in fashion, this attitude is responsible. The styles that represent this attitude are Kawai, Lolita Avant-GardeIf you like to push all boundaries in your quest for finding your style you have an Avante Garde attitude.

In essence, it is a radical artistic attitude emphasized with monochrome colors and minimalistic styling that permeates all things in life, not just fashion. Aesthetics and functional aspects are combined in the style that emerges from this attitudeAnti-fashionAn attitude of not caring for fashion at all; the attitude of rebellion against the overly fashionable. Underdressing is the key here. Minimalism rules.


The word unkempt signifies 'not brushed' – with this demeanor you totally are something contrary to a flawless all around prepared style. This chaotic 'wild kid mentality' is for the most part joined with worn-out pants, free dress, messy hair and a disposition of revolt.


If you are inventive and wouldn't fret trying different things with style for sure will be certain to come sooner rather than later you are daring. At the point when you are brave individuals might call your garments shocking, yet you couldn't care less. You realize this will be the standard soon enough.

Deal Hunter

A deal tracker won't address the full retail cost for anything. It is a mental disposition towards cash and persists to your design style also. You will won't buy design styles which are not incentive for cash – you are very cost cognizant. You don't indiscriminately follow style yet may make due with works of art which you can wear over and over quite a long time after year. Purchasing things that last is a positive characteristic of this disposition


You generally need to be entirely agreeable in anything you wear. You are easygoing, sure and challenging in your design style and yet, your outfits are basic, exquisite and well co-ordinated. Eventually, you look fashionable and set up with no skin show, or over made up looks. A preppy design style characterizes this savvy viewpoint towards fashion.


This mentality of severity and pretention means wearing humble garments. Customary, regular are different names comparatively utilized. Strict philosophies like that of Muslim ladies, moderate Christian and Orthodox Jewish ladies and so on might be behind this mentality and the design styles that follow it.

Unassuming design

Is a portrayal of this demeanor and celebrates concealed styles.


A non-conventionalist is an individual with a remarkable disposition throughout everyday life and qualities his independence an excessive amount to forfeit it for anything. On the off chance that your disposition is this throughout everyday life, it should mean your design too. Goth, rockabilly and other elective styles all follow a non-conventionalist disposition

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Kawai Lolita Avant-GardeIf


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