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Plastic surgery gone bad: Meet the woman who increased her chest size but later had to reduce it.

Huge backsides, big chests, broad hips, thick lips and an overall attractive appearance. These are the features that some people are lucky to be endowed with. Where as some people are naturally gifted with these things, others go to all extremes to get them using sophisticated means like exercise and surgery. Although plastic surgery is a safe and medically approved way of augmenting the body, it can sometimes go wrong or in the worst case, prove fatal. A typical example of an unintended plastic surgery outcome is the story of Lilly Bremer.

Lilly is a 28 year old content creator and upcoming model who is known to have one of the biggest boobs in the industry. Lilly was born naturally slim and slightly tall. She however loved the appearance of big boob women and combining that with her dream of becoming one of the most successful models out there, she decided to go in for a ''breast augmentation''. This is a plastic surgery procedure in which silicone is implanted into the ''breast'' pocket in order to give it a larger appearance. Silicone is used for this operation because of it's squishy feel and non-toxicity. It is a practically safe procedure that only gives problems when it is not well conducted.

Lilly opted for an implant size that is physiologically bigger compared to the rest of her body size. She went through the process successfully and the end result was perfect. It was after 2 years that she started feeling pain in her lower back region. The pain persisted for sometime until a visible curvature in her spine became visible. She later reported to the hospital and was told the new condition is a scoliosis in her backbone. She needed an amount of 8000 US dollars to undergo an emergency surgery. Thankfully, her friends and family came to her aid to support her in going through the process.

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