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May God Help This Generation- See How These Beautiful Ladies Posed In Public With Their Attire

The wind blowing on our prized land indicates that we are mimicking a civilization that is completely foreign to us. Western culture appears to be gaining traction, with the majority of young African women embracing it.

However, there is nothing wrong with emulating western society. We learned that while our culture is integrated and lively, the slay queens' attire raises a lot of questions.

What our forefathers left behind is actually not we see on most of our social media today. Our fathers use to call every young lady “Akateesia” an Akan term meaning “Hidden” or “Covering up”. This is a literal meaning portraying how a young lady is expected to wear clothes with every patch unexposed.

That isn't the case now. Slay queens’ dress in outfits that almost give everything a free show. Here are five women who are dressed in ways that are diametrically opposed to a typical Ghanian culture.

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African Akateesia


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