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Trending: Youth of today See this to be fashion

There's a dignity to dressing your age that cuts each ways. A balding guy with a gray beard who wears "Ghana is longer than Africa" is just kidding himself.

The Young Man: 18-35

A complete head of ungrayed hair and a body that remains in form with unfair ease goes a long way in style. Enjoy them while you've got got them.

Apart from the physical advantages, the “young” appearance is described with the aid of using experimentation, variety, and a touch of aggressiveness as a long way as bucking the traditional appearance goes.

Of course, understanding when to experiment and when to fall back on the timeless nevertheless becomes more and more essential as the young guy ages; a college boy of 19 is far less in all likelihood to need a sharp-looking suit and the practice to wear it expectantly than a 32 years and above old ma

it is very shameful to see an old man wearing skin tight, dirty attire or behaving like a teenager.

Please looking at the pictures in this article, is it fashion or madness.

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