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Skin Care

Adolescence Health: What To Expect During This Period.

Adolescence is a period of change from childhood to adulthood.This is the period between 10-19.

Some changes an adolescence should expect.

1. Your skin produces more oil and you may get pimples but dry skin will not produce more oil

2. Hairs grow in your armpit, around your sexual organs, sometimes on your face and chest.

3. You begin to sweat alot and may notice that you have a strong body odour.

4. If you are a girl, your breast start to grow and show up, your hips become wider and you start to release egg (ovulate) and menstruate which means you could become pregnant if you have unprotected sex.

5. If you are a boy your voice starts to deepen, your penis and testicles increases in size and your body starts to produce semen which means you could make a girl pregnant ifvyou have unprotected sex.

6. The urge to engage in risky behaviours becomes more tempting due to these physical changes.

How you can take care of your body during adolescence.

1. Bath regularly with soap, sponge and clean water at least twice daily.

2. Brush your teeth in the morning before eating and in the night before going to bed.

3. Eat a four star diet which includes;

-Staples (rice and maize root and tubers

-Legumes and seeds ( beans groundnut agushie)

-Fruit and vegetables

-Animal sources foods

4. Avoid alcohol drugs and tobacco.

5. Exercise every day by walking running and playing.

6. wash your hands with soap under running water especially before eating, after using the toilet or changing your sanitary pads.

7. Sleep under a long-lasting insecticide spray every night and throughout the night to prevent malaria.

8. Join healthy social clubs to share ideas and look out for one another.

9. Seek accurate information about reproductive health from parents, teachers, health workers and counsellors among others to stay healthy and safe.

10. Visit the nearest adolescent health centre for more information.

Content created and supplied by: Rahmed (via Opera News )


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