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Dress Style


A delve into the controversial aspect of men selecting these outfits. What do you think about these?

We understand that the outfit you take outside must solely be by your choice and not influenced by any external factors but, some people are overdoing things. The fact that the choice of your outfit is dependent on you doesn't mean settle for anything you see around.

Some men around the globe are raising questions as to why they decided to settle comfortably with some outfits without thinking about how the society is going to see them. This article is going to give more emphasis on men going the extra mile to wearing clothes which raises arguments about which particular gender needs to wear such clothes.

The outfits of men have a huge variation from that of women. Women are known to put up straight dresses, skirts and other costumes which makes us know and tell their gender even from afar. For men, it has always been shorts or trousers with a shirt on top. Our suits sees trousers beneath, our combination has always been clothes untucked or tucked into shorts or trousers but, some men from nowhere have decided to change the norm.

They have caused a little entropy in the system and have upset the established order by introducing some outfits which will make you think they are women when you get to spot them from a faraway distance. One funny thing about them is, they never mind what you say about them. This is their lives and never are the opinions of people going to change their plans even if it will help them.

These men are known to put on either long or short sleeves with skirts below. I mean, the fashion of men wearing skirts has been there for a very long time but what makes theirs distinct is, the length of their skirts is just not cool. These skirts are extremely short and would make you think they are into the act of dating men upon first sight.

Well, this is their lives and they decide whatever they think will suit them most.

In our part of the world, these stuff will make the society look at you in a very bad way which I think there is no problem with. The fact that you have the freedom doesn't mean you should just go out and do anything you want.

Now there's a question I want to ask you all. Imagine your son comes home dressed like this, how are you going to feel and what are you going to do? Please be honest with your answers.

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