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I don't think my eyes are deceiving me, can you see what I am seeing?

There is nothing man no go see for this world inside, some things can really leave you with nothing but a confused brain as I am right now. Social media is where all the unbelievable things happens as there is no day you will not find something strange on the internet. Am gonna share with you a certain rare photo that is fast Trending everywhere on the internet and trust me a lots are confused with what they actually saw in the the pic.

Check the photo below; Take a very good look at the picture carefully, there is something rare that am seeing of which with a Very good look, you will also see. Am right now confuse because I don't really know whether my eyes are deceiving me or it is what it is. Look at the picture carefully, you will lady with a blonde hairstyle in a saloon, well the hair looks nice but that is out of coverage area because that's not the case over here.

Look into the mirror, check the face of the image (lady) in that mirror and compare it to the person sitting infront of the mirror. You could clearly see there is a big difference in the picture. Looking at the back of the lady infront of the mirror, she looks very young but in that of the mirror is a total opposite as the face shows us an old lady. So now the question is, is she really the one in the mirror and that she is just an "Abrewa_Preman" or what? Drop your opinion in the comments section as it matters alot.

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