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Why Most Ghanaians Wear Kente To These Four Places

Kente is a very beautiful hand made cloth in Ghana. Bonwire is where the majority of the Kente Ghanaians wear come from. Bonwire is a town in Ejisu Municipality in the Ashanti region of Ghana. 

Kente cloth comes in different colours and design patterns. Historically speaking, the name Kente was coined from 'kenten' which means basket in English. Our fore fathers wanted to design a cloth similar to that of how basket is woven.

Although many patronize kente from Bonwire, quite substantial number of Ghanaians prefer that from the northern part of Ghana, which is also beautiful. The price of kente is quite expensive depending on the type of design you want especially when you order a certain pattern to be made for you. With a minimum of GH¢400 ($70), one can get a colourful Kente to wear. 

Kente can be worn by anyone although in the pre-colonial era, only the Asantehene and some few notable chiefs had the privilege to wear. Let us look at why most Ghanaians wear Kente to these four(4) places. 

1. Traditional Weddings 

Almost all brides in traditional weddings organised in Ghana wear kente. The reason is that, Kente is a symbol of our cultural heritage, love, glory, wealth and victory. So, if you are a soon-to-be bride, get your kente ready for your great day ahead.

2. Festivals 

On festival days, chiefs in Ghana wear certain Kente as a symbol of their might, glory and wealth. The Asantehene is one person whose Kente always generate public conversations because it is unique and beautiful. 

3. National Celebrations

Whenever Ghana celebrates Independence Day, high profile personalities are clad in Kente at the Black Stars Square to grace the occasion. That was why our president was clad in Kente during his first sworn in as the president of Ghana. 

4. On graduation day 

A lot of University graduates wear kente to their graduation because they believed kente represent wealth, victory and glory. 

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