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Don't Say " Aboi"- Learn The Right Word

It is quite normal to stick to local terms when we do not yet know the globally accepted ones. That is to say we are sometimes forced to use local terms even when having conversations in English. Well, we can’t keep using them forever and so have to learn to use the right words in place of these local terms.

One of such very widely used terms has to do with our haircuts or hairstyles_ when was the last time you decided to have an “aboi”? Yeah, the term is one that is very widely known amongst Ghanaians to refer to the line the barber puts in your hair when you visit the barbershop. Undoubtedly an obsession for most of us to this day_ if this happens to be the case, you might as well learn its name in English today. The haircut term for an “aboi" is a “hard part”_ you could also call it a “ razor line”. A hard part haircut involves a clean line shaved into the side of your hair which makes the cut a thing of beauty. It could come in different styles and is sure to give quite the impression. Should you see a friend with a hard part on, do well to quiz him on the term.

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