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Ghanian plus-size celebrities and why we celebrate them today

Every year on October 6th, “National plus size appreciation day” is observed. The goal of dedicating an entire day to celebrating the beauty of plus size sapiens around the world is to shift people's perceptions of themselves from negative to positive. Fat people are treated differently in our society than slim people. They are predisposed to discrimination and bullying from a young age. This has a long-term impact on their mental health. This is why a day like “National Plus Size Appreciation Day” was sorely needed.

This initiative is being spearheaded by the women rock Inc. of the United States. This organization was founded in the year 2016. This day has been observed since 2017. This day is dedicated to removing the social stigma associated with plus-size people and making them feel beautiful in their own skin. When we look at the current situation, we can see that things are changing for the better. Plus-size people are no longer declared out of the box. They have access to all of the same opportunities as everyone else.

As a Ghanian I will take this opportunity to appreciate all plus-size celebrities in my country; Maame Serwaa, Lydia Forson, Sister Afia, Cecilia Twum, Eno Barony, Mercy As I edu, D Black, Damien Smith, Oteele and many others. If I'm mentioning names I will go on and on. We want you to know we appreciate you all, continue being yourselves and do what you do best.

The aim of "National plus-size appreciation day" is to make all plus-size realize just how wonderful they are by being themselves. There are various options available to celebrate this day with much enthusiasm and zeal. Like complimenting people we know, cherishing their being, and making them feel special despite their flaws. This day is observed to boost the confidence of people with large bodies (both men and women). 

The goal is for them to realize how wonderful they are simply by being themselves. There are numerous ways to celebrate this day with zeal and enthusiasm

Like complimenting people we know, valuing their uniqueness, and making them feel special despite their flaws. 

Making them understand that value is derived from qualities rather than physical appearance.

As a result, you can also do things like give clothes to any plus-size person or organize a special event yourself. 

All of this will contribute to a positive outcome

Self-love is the key to personal growth, and this is a unique opportunity to demonstrate the power of self-love and the wonders it can accomplish. 

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