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Royalty Meets Fashion: Have A Colourful Week With Oheneyere

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This article features Oheneyere Gifty Anti and focuses on how her royal background influences her fashion sense. The phenomenon of royal women influencing fashion is nothing new, since it is a thing of the past which could be traced back to the Victorian and Princess Alexandra era.

Even though royals are mostly not given complete sartorial freedom and independence, inasmuch as they need to be in their elements, their fashion sense is always on point. In this modern Ghana, just like the Victorian era, Gifty Anti is a royal who always dazzles her fans with her fabulous fashionable attires made with the authentic, colourful, African print fabrics.

Royals still have some key considerations to consider in every ensemble, and as a royal woman, Oheneyere still finds a way to balance her outfits to fit modern fashion. With her modern fashion taste, she makes sure to attend all her royal functions formally dressed to fit every occasion.

As a queen, Oheneyere has always promoted the country’s rich culture and heritage through her dressing over the years. She is always pictured wearing either African print top, Kaba and slit, shirts with maxi skirts or flare dresses paired with jewelry made from beads. Gifty Anti always dresses down stylishly and people admire her fashion sense.

Well as fashionistas, this week, feel free to go with the queen's style of dressing and her choice of colourful fabrics for a brighter week.

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