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(30+Photos):You Don't Have To Expose Your Body To Find A Husband, Check These Pretty Ladies Weddings

God works in mysterious ways. Many of our pretty queens have also indulged in acts of nudity. Partially exposing sensitive parts of their bodies when they dress in hope of attracting male counterparts for marriage. Decent Ladies also gets married too, it shouldn't be about walking about with exposed chest or miniskirts.

My heart was full of joy to have witness the wedding ceremonies of influential Ghanaian women who have left a mark in the Ghanaian media landscape. These Ladies have been decent in appearance hence they can be called marriage materials. They didn't expose their body but got engaged and subsequently married their partners in glamorous wedding ceremonies.

This clearly erases the misconception that a lady must walk half naked to get a man. The society is gradually accepting the norms of Ladies who expose their thighs, wear tight apparels, "catwalks" and wear short skirts. Those who reject to partake in such modern fashion are termed as "kolo" and deemed not seductively looking.

The society expects; quiet and shy and not speaking out loud and being really expressive about issues, would forever keep these ladies in the dungeon of "spinstership." But God's ways are unpredictable as they are happily married. To me all the tears from such weddings meant God proved critics wrong.

When a lady knows her Worth, pushes herself to the fullest of their abilities, closes her ears to societal noise, God will not let them fall flat before their ill wishers. To you my sisters with capabilities, know your what you are passionate about and connect it with prayer. When your days comes, your prince charming will take you to the altar.Below are some photos.

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