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McBrown reveals deep secret about herself in latest Photo on social media

Happiness they say is free. It doesn't take a dime nor cost a thing to be happy. Being happy is relative, which makes it difficult if not impossible to measure how happy a person is.

Happiness is triggered by a vast array of events, actions, inactions, abilities and the list goes on and one, and it differ from one individual to another.

As relative as it is, one would like to keep what ever make him or her feel happy close or be close to it, sometimes keeping it as a secret from others.

Our very own McBrown has shared one of those moments on her social media page with a caption "What Happiness Looks Like 😍💛"

For us it could be the smile on her face or the Range in the background or the happy daughter. It could also be other factors aside what we see in the picture, but we can only speak to what has been seen.

Giving an insight of what Happiness looks like from her side can be said to be a revelation fo something closely guarded by her to her fans - a secret.

Stay tuned for more.

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