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Skin Care

It's Not Bleaching; Check Out How A Dark And Beautiful Ghanaian Nurse Became White All Of A Sudden.

Enam Honya was born black and beautiful. With her ambition of becoming a public nurse, she entered into training and has accomplished her dream. Well, her story is an interesting one. Many people that saw her sudden change of skin colour ruled in bleaching. Its far from that. She has never bleached and will never bleach.

According to Enam Honya who is currently running awareness about her rare condition, doctors detected a skin condition in her system when she was only 7 years. That condition is known as Vitiglo.

Vitiligo can attack anybody on earth. It changes the color and pigments of your skin. It usually peels off your outer color leaving you with white. Enam Honya has grown in confidence and flaunts her condition in glamour.

She keeps advising people not to be choosy about people with rare color defects like Vitiligo and albinism. Check out some photos of this beautiful Ghanaian nurse below. She usually shares her throwback pictures and current.

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Enam Honya Ghanaian Vitiglo Vitiligo


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