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Fashions Trends That We have Seen Return In 2021

Like with many fashion trends, history has a tendency of repeating itself. That being said, designers aren’t always playing favorites every single time. In most cases, the newest trends often take inspiration from older trends to form entirely new ones.

That being said, there are some trends that are bound to stick around for a while. For example, there are jewelry boxes that have been around since the ‘80s that have been lingering around for the past two seasons. On top of that there is also the combo of early 2000s fashion with those ‘70s print maxi dresses and disco-era metallic tie-front shirts.

With all of these different kinds of trends coming back, we wanted to take some time to explore some of the renewed trends that have come out thanks to the support and recognition they got from many big stars and influencers. So let’s get into the list:



One trend that’s been coming back are chain necklaces with a slight twist. It’s called the Billie Eilish method, where you add layer upon layer of gold necklaces over a velvet mock neck.



Fuzzy sweaters have been made popular once more thanks to Dua Lipa. She brought this trend back by sporting a cropped version of it with high-wasted cargos and work boots. 


Popular during the ‘80s, this party dress has been making waves thanks to Storm Reid, who took a picture of one of her grooviest printed mini dresses. The boldness of this dress also accentuates the look keeping your focus on both the top and the bottom.


Looking for a more ‘90s look for a party? Go for a halter top. Kendall Jenner set this trend again with a fresh take of adding matching co-ord pants. We presume the look is inspired by Vybes

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