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Grow your Hair faster and thicker and Protect it with these 14 Great Hair styles

Maintaining your hair could be frustrating sometimes. Many are the products on the market which are being advertised to aid your hair growth but not all of them are as effective. Aside using products, did you know you can protect and grow your natural hair with some hairstyles?

Well, here are a list of hairstyles you can try out.

1. Long faux locs.

2. Passion twists.

3. Knotless braids.

4. Senegalese twists.

5. Box braids.

6. Marley twists.

7. Bantu knots.

8. Flat twists.

9. Fulani braids.

10. Cornrows.

11. Plaited updo.

12. Faux fishtail braid.

13. Long pony.

14. Hair wrap. ( Wondering if this is a hairstyle??)

This is a simple 'protective style' that can be worn all year. Wearing a scarf is an often-overlooked protective style. The best part is that you can simply change up your style depending on your mood by experimenting with different colors and patterns.


Washing your natural hair and trimming the edges regularly ensures healthy, thick and protective growth.

Try these our and receive great feedback.

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Bantu Marley Senegalese


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