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Get Rid Of DANDRUFF Quicker WithThese Simple Methods

There are many Dandruff shampoos on the market which include Jason Dandruff Relief, Nizoral A-D, Neutrogena T/Gel among others.

Apart from these, there are easy home made methods you could use to clear dandruff. They are helpful against the bacteria and fungi which cause the itching flaky scalp.

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Coconut oil.

Start by massaging 3 to 5 tablespoons of this into your scalp, then wait an hour before washing your hair with shampoo.

Baking Soda.

Wet your hair and then apply the baking soda to your scalp. Allow it to sit for a few moments before flushing it out.

Aloe vera.

Not long before you shampoo your hair, rub a piece into your scalp.

Lemon juice.

Rub 2 teaspoons of lemon juice into your scalp, let it sit for two or three minutes, then, at that point, wash. Follow that by blending one more teaspoon of lemon juice blended in with 1 cup of water and pouring it over your scalp.

Apple cider vinegar.

Mix a quarter cup of apple juice vinegar with a quarter cup of water, then, at that point, pour it over your scalp. Leave it in for somewhere around 15 minutes, then, at that point, flush your scalp well.

Olive oil.

Rub a few drops of olive oil into your scalp, cover your hair with a shower cap, then, at that point, think about it. In the first part of the day, wash your hair with shampoo.


Squash two aspirin and blend them in with your cleanser, then, at that point, cleanse your hair with shampoo. Allow it to sit for 2 minutes then, at that point, flush it out.

Try these simple methods and see wonderful results shortly .

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