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Make your saggy breast firm naturally with these methods

It's natural for your breast to loose its shape as time goes on due to some reasons, it will come one way or the other in life.

Although having surgery or going under the knife can help in firming your breast.

 There is a way to have the same results and since this is natural, it's comparably better than going under the knife but you need to be consistent on this exercise or for these natural remedies to have a visible effect. 

But first, let's we need to look into what causes breast sagging.

  Normally breast sagging occurs when a woman ages, it happens when the ligament stretches as a woman ages and loses elasticity.

 There are natural ways to tighten your breast which includes

1. massage with natural oil 

Massaging your breast with a natural oil such as almonds oil, coconut oil helps in enhancing blood flow. 

 And helps in activating the Collagen which supports the tightening of the muscles of the breast.

Apply the oil in your hands and position your hands beneath your breasts and massage them gently in a circular motion inwardly for about 5 minutes two times a day.

2. Aloe Vera.

Aloe vera has natural properties and anti-aging abilities in tightening the skin.

Cut the leave of the aloe vera in 2 and press the gel that comes out of the aloe vera into your palm and applies it on the breast in a circular motion for 12-15 minutes, leave it on for 15 minutes. Do this process twice a day.

3. Exercise

Chest exercises help in tightening your upper muscles and also increase blood flow. Examples of the exercises are Cobra pose and push up,

Here is how to perform

Cobra pose

Begin by lying on your belly, stretching your legs.

Now stretch your hands vertically

 and raise your head towards the sky or your ceiling and also your chest should be off the ground. 


 Stay there for 1 minute and after that, repeat it 2 times.

Push up


Lie on your stomach and stretch your abdomen and your legs by mounting your toes against the floor.

Place both palms on the floor and push your whole body downwards and upwards repeatedly

Repeat it for about 10 rounds.

Being dedicated to your exercises and the natural methods will help u achieve your goal.

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