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Meet the girl with the same hair-raising syndrome as Albert Einstein that has got people reacting.

The extremely rare condition of this young girl did not allow her mane to be tamed.

Six-year-old Florence Patterson from Newcastle, England was diagnosed with uncombed hair syndrome at the age of three. This condition is characterized by dry, frizzy hair that can't be combed straight - so it almost has a life of its own.

It affects only 100 people worldwide and occurs when the hair follicles are heart-shaped rather than round.

Florence's parents, Jill Paddy-Jones, 43, and Kyle Pateson, 49, said they discovered their daughter's condition by accident.

"We realized early on that her hair was unusual, but we just found it cute.

"When he was about three we sold the table to Gumtree and the guy who picked him up was a family doctor and he offered to take him to the doctor for a checkup.

"He thought he had the syndrome, so he felt it was important to have his heart and eyes checked if anything was wrong. But he was diagnosed with non-fused hair syndrome, which only affects the hair and nails. His nails grow very fast and we have to trim them twice a week.

The parents said the young man's hair was almost impossible to comb, but they found their own way to untangle it.

"It's impossible to comb her hair, so we wash it in the bathtub instead of the shower because it doesn't absorb water and stays dry to the bone," said Kyle, a lawyer.

"We towel-dried it; left the balm; crushed it; and removed all the dreadlocks, which took ages.

"The next day she'll have the coolest blonde curls. The next day it's going to be dirty again."

The little girl's hair attracted attention everywhere. "Everyone in the area knows him as a baby with hair," his mother said.

"He always attracts attention. He has many friends because his personality shines. "

While most of the attention she receives is positive, Florence is sometimes faced with embarrassing comments about her hair from strangers who don't know she's in good health.

"Florence knows everyone is staring at them.

"Strangers touch him or grab his hair, so we teach him to tell them and tell people not to touch him."

His condition was similar to that of Albert Einstein, Jill said, so he was fine.

Florence is a confident child, he added.

"We know some people define it by their hair, so all you have to do is hug it."

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