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How to make home-made beard oil from natural ingredients

Beard or facial hair in men is seen as higher masculinity and aggressiveness. In other words, beard makes men look more manly and but laid-back abd relaxed. Beard is linked with testosterone in their body, as it stimulates their facial hair folicles to grow hair.

But while waiting for testosterone, men can also stimulate their folicles to grow hair by applying artificial or natural hair stimulants.

Artificial hair stimulants such as beard spray, beard oil, beard cream and others may be helpful to others and delayed to others. Also, others tend to experience effects such itchiness, irritation, rushed, and boils when used as different skin responds different to different chemical combination. Others also see them very expensive.

Natural home-made remedies can be really helpful to people especially as is it of no chemicals and are of natural ingredients.

This is how to make your home-made beard oil.



Coconut oil

Aloe vera

1. Onion

It contains extra sulfur that when applied to the skin boost blood circulation around the applied area. The adequate circulation helps in bringing more amino acids to grow hair.

2. Coconut oil

It is a very light type of oil and its seen as more penetrative than most oil. Also, its easier and cheaper to get. The coconut oil helps the oil penetrate into tye skin.

3. Aloe vera

The sweet scent of aloe vera helps reduce the pungent smell of the onoin oil

How To Make

1. Grate the onoin into a boil and squeeze the juice out of it into a clean container .

2. Add the coconit oil to the onoin juice .

3. Squeeze the aloe vera oil and add to the mixture.

4. Mix the ingredients.


Apply on beard area twice a day before taking your bath.

Thank you for reading and liking my post.

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