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Random Pictures: Ladies Blessed with Hourglass Body Shape

Ladies who parade the hourglass shape gain more admiration, which sometimes puts pressure on women whose body shapes are different to strive to achieve the hourglass shape. If care is not taken, this can lead to body dissatisfaction which can cause eating disorders in young women.

There are four major body shapes of the female body described by the fashion industry namely hourglass, rectangular, inverted triangle, and spoon/pear. However, the hourglass body shape is considered to be one of the enviable body shapes most ladies craved for. Whiles some ladies are born with it, others have to go through trauma such as wearing the waist-trimmer belt, exercising, starving the body in other to achieve it.  

The body shape name, the hourglass, is derived from the shape of an hourglass where the upper and lower half are wide and roughly equal while the middle is narrow in circumference, making the overall shape “wide-narrow-wide”. The female body shape, in its resemblance to that of an hourglass which is the measurements of the circumference of a wide bust, a narrow waist, and wide hips with a similar measurement to the of the bust.

A quick scan on social media indicates that most ladies trending on social media because of their shapes and highly preferred body shape by most men belong to this group. Below are pictures of some selected ladies on social media who belong to the hourglass body shape group:

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