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Common Dressing Mistakes Most Ghanaians Repeat On A Daily Bases

Many women are passionate about fashion and this can seriously change the concept of suitable clothing for work. Keep in mind that no matter how fashionista you are, it is important to know how to adapt to any environment and know what to wear at all times because you should never be dressed the same if you are taking a walk. in town, if you go to work or if you go to dinner. In this How we're going to unveil article the 6 workplace dressing mistakes women make the most to keep them in mind and avoid scary looks during work hours.

Wearing skirts that are too short is not appropriate for work

While skirts are one of the star items in many women's wardrobes, you really need to be careful about what you wear to work. The best is to avoid as much as possible skirts that are too short and too narrow and, failing that, opt for others whose start is above or below the knees so as not to give a too provocative image. In order to have a professional look it is important to create an image of yourself that reflects your seriousness and your more responsible side, so choose clothes that are more sophisticated and avoid mini ones or too narrow ones. It is also recommended to avoid wearing the ones that most closely resemble the beach i.e. skirts long to the feet and to fly in true Ibiza style. Yes, they are beautiful, but save them for the beach or for your friends.

Avoid pronounced necklines

The same goes for the neckline, a very sensual and precious attribute of the female body, but which is better hidden during working hours. Your coworkers and bosses don't care that you have a pretty cleavage, they don't have to see it and it is totally inappropriate to emphasize your curves too much; it is better to do it in your private life. This is one of the dress-up mistakes at work that more women make, so we should avoid not only the front neckline, but also the back neckline. Showing your back is a powerful sign of sensuality, and therefore, wearing a blouse that uncovered it, for example, is not suitable for the interior of the office. Instead, he opted for collared blouses, closed shirts or traditional round neck t-shirts. You can achieve an equally flirty style without being too flashy or explosive. This is not the place for it. Also pay attention to company dinners, because even though it is a different event, the environment is still related to work.

Be careful when choosing your jeans for work

Depending on the atmosphere in your business, more casual and informal attire may be permitted. This is why jeans are a garment that can be worn perfectly in the office without attracting too much attention because it is a very versatile garment that can configure all types of image. However, even if your work environment is very relaxed, you should avoid some current Texas trends such as pants, shorts, or ripped boyfriend jeans. It is best to go for jeans in a neutral color and combine them with a more formal top to counteract the informal look of the garment. A blouse or blazer is the best thing you can wear with jeans. You will be total".

Corsages to avoid in a work environment

When choosing the look of your office, it is better to take into account the same aspects that we highlighted above, that is, that it creates a sophisticated image of yourself, than it is discreet and adapts to the working environment. So, as we said before, necklines are on top, but bare shoulders and one-shoulder T-shirts and transparencies. The issue of transparencies must above all be dealt with in detail because it is a trend that is now very present in marriage and yet it is totally inappropriate in an office. If you have a semi-sheer shirt but the material is elegant, you can wear it but still wear a basic shirt underneath, never the bra directly because it looks ordinary and is totally out of place. Likewise, another trend that should not be used at work is crop tops.It is a very sensual and daring garment that should only be worn in the private sphere. In fact, it is not at all recommended to show your belly even with t-shirts a little shorter than usual, the best is to go with more sober clothes and leave everything else for d. other moments of your life.

Choose your shoes carefully

Shoes are also an essential part of choosing your look for the job. Even if we are passionate about high heels and printed or colored shoes, be careful! At work, as we have already said, it is best not to draw too much attention to yourself because of your clothes, and it is highly recommended that you opt for neutral and understated clothes. For this reason, avoid wearing your heels as much as possible and keep them on for other times of the day, you also don't have to abuse the informality and always go for sneakers or beach slippers because this is also not the right place to wear them. It is better to choose a shoe that, if it has a heel, is of medium height and, most importantly, not too showy; in this sense, prints or the animal print trend are best reserved for your hobbies.

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