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These 3 African Celebrities Did Surgery to Enhance Their Shape, See What Their Body Has Turned to

Body enhancement procedures has entered the African continent, and it is here to stay at least for now. The way our women are rushing to modify their shape with surgery these days has become a big concern because of the dangers attached to it. God created humans the way he wants, he knows what is best for everyone and only him knows why he created everybody differently. This body enhancement of a thing came from the Western world, and it has become very common among African women nowadays.

Women now engage themselves in two different kinds of body modifications—the first one is cosmetic surgery while the second one is plastic surgery. Most people don't know the difference between the two, so they tend to mix it up whenever they talk about body enhancement. Plastic surgery is a procedure carried out to repair areas of the body, it is used to correct birth disorder, face-lift, burns and other diseases. A good example of plastic surgery is face-lift, eyelid lift, ear reshaping, hair replacement, nasal surgery and many more.

While cosmetic surgery focuses more on a particular area of the body, and it is used to adjust parts of the body like butt lift, liposuction, lips augmentation, boobs lift and so on. So today I have put together the list of the African upcoming celebrities who came out bluntly to reveal how they had surgeries to enhance their shape, and they also shared pictures of their transformation.

1. Chinoso Onyenobi

How her body transformed after the surgery:

Chinoso Onyenobi popularly known as Nina Ivy as her acting name is a talented actress and a model who recently participated in the Nigerian reality TV show popularly known as BBNaija. Nina went through a cosmetic procedure to enhance her shape, most especially her butt. It worked out really well for her, and she has never kept it as a secret, she even went as far as sharing a picture of her transformation online.

2. Venita Akpofure

How her body transformed after the surgery:

Most people never got to know that Venita did surgery to enhance her butt and her front-side not until a fan admired her shape online, and she decided to share the full picture of how she has transformed after the surgery. She had a successful operation, and she got her desired body exactly the way she wanted without any obvious complications.

3. Abiri Oluwabusayomi

How her body transformed after the surgery:

Abiri Oluwabusayomi, popularly known as Khloe, has established herself as a top model in Nigeria shortly after participating in the Nigerian reality show a few years ago. She decided to follow the trend of the Western world by going for a cosmetic surgery to lift her butt. This worked out to great effect for her, and she shared pictures of her body transformation on Instagram while flaunting her assets in the process.

While plastic surgery may be very dangerous, it also has its advantages such as helping to correct some area of the body that the owner is not satisfied with. For me, I don't see body enhancement as something necessary, and I prefer the natural way to going under the knife.

Do you support women going for surgery to enhance their beauty, or you prefer the natural looks? Your opinion is important to us.

Content created and supplied by: Mr_Right071 (via Opera News )

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