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Protective hair styles for your kids you should try out this week.

With the rise in the trendiness of protective braids,or hairstyles in general, it's no surprise children, especially girls,are also having their fair share of styles. Some of the styles these kids have on for school, church or other occasions are getting cuter and nicer than the adults,almost funnily.

What makes it even more adorable is the heavy accessories on children's braidstyles. As we know, kids are easily entertained by rattling noises,therefore adding beads and other accessories to their hairstyles is like an added bonus to them.

This protective style not only protects the scalp and stays on for sometime, it also helps to grow out their hair more.Cornrows in general have been known to help grow hair,I don't think age affects that aspect of it.

Not only is this style very simple, it's also less distracting.For instance if in school, it's out of their face and they are free to concentrate.

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