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Dress Style


Should they be considered as "decently dressed"?

This article of mine is a very interesting one. Please don't lose focus, stay with me as we digest everything to its barest minimum. I have made this point and I will always stand by my point, "African women are really blessed with potent goods".

They have been gifted with adipose stores deposited in the gluteal cavity. Not only do they have a protruded "history" but their curves as well as "future" is very prominent. I am sure you do know what I mean by "future" and "history".

Well, there is a problem with the attire these ladies do put on. Putting on tight clothes exposes their nice curves and bends leading to the attraction of attention by the general public. Do we term this as a minor seduction? Maybe, maybe not.

There has been a debate over the years as to whether it is normal wearing those clothes or way below normality.

How do you react if a woman with such an enormous backside wear clothes like these in your presence?

Imagine being a boss and noticing an employee wearing such an attire to work. Is it wrong?

People (especially the religious ones) are saying it is wrong putting up clothes like these as it exposes their body. They then recommend these girls put on bigger clothes which will at least hide/mask their curves.

That is their thought but to me, there is nothing wrong with they wearing such clothes. They have been gifted with goods and no matter what they do, they can't get rid of them.

Why then don't they embrace what they were given by God? Why can't they wear clothes that normal people wear? To me, I think if the length of the dress is way below the knees and if they do not show some parts of their "future", they are good to go. No matter how bigger the clothes they wear is, if it will show, nothing can stop it.

I'm worried as to why they don't criticize women who wear bikini at the beaches but always gets something to say about women who I think there is nothing wrong with their attire.

I know some of you will have the same thoughts as mine, others wouldn't. Well, you can make me know what you think about this whole issue in the comment section.

Below are some pictures I compiled which shows women in dresses I think has no problem

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