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Skin Care

Natural And Cheaper Way To Get Rid Of Acne And Dark Spots And Achieve A Glowing Skin

Having a glowing and flawless skin is very important because it helps boost your confidence wherever you find yourself. Once you have a flawless skin, there will be no need hiding behind makeup just to look beautiful. Remember, natural beauty counts!

Due to achieving a glowing and flawless look, most people have found themselves using products that have drained them financially. Others have also ended up damaging their skin just in the quest of achieving a glowing and flawless skin. In this article and other subsequent articles, I will be showing you how to achieve that glowing and flawless skin you have dreamt of without breaking the bank. All the items needed are found right in your kitchen hence very safe.

In this article, I will be showing you how to clear acne, dark spots and also achieve a natural glow free from bleaching. This remedy is tested and trusted.

Tomatoes are vegetables found in the kitchen which is used for the preparation of stews, soups and other delicacies. However, the same vegetable is the number one skincare remedy for clearing acne and dark spots and achieving a natural glowing skin.

Tomatoes contain lycopene which increases your skin protection factor. When applied to the face, tomatoes help shrink pores, reduces excess production of oil, removes dirt and dead skin cells, cures irritated skin, fights acne and gives a youthful appearance by brightening the skin.

APPLICATION: 1. Wash your face. Wash just one tomato and cut into two halves. Take just one part of the tomatoes and rub all over your face in a circular motion. Do this for about 5 minutes and allow it to dry on your face. After 15 minutes, wash your face with warm water. Clean your face with a clean towel and apply any moisturizer to your face.

2. You can also add either brown or white sugar to the tomato. Add a tablespoon of sugar to the tomato and rub all over your face. Sugar helps exfoliate your skin removing dead cells and gives a brighter and smoother skin.

Repeat this for a week and trust me, you will love the glow on your face. You can drop your questions in the comment section below.

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