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Dress Style


Fashion or madness: a lady just posted a trending nose mask complete dress in a stylish way.

It's like the world is really changing to something else, as the love people for fashion is really becoming more interesting day in day out. Eventhough, the guys are also striving hard in the world fashion industry, the ladies are always on top of every fashion news or magazine, even on television, with new and unimaginable dressings.

Some of the ladies dress like that just to gain the public attention, just as others became celebrities with things like that so they also do everything as such by immigrating them just to become famous or probably become celebrities.

With this corona virus era, where the government is trying every possible means to curb the spread of the virus, by educating the public on the dangers on the virus so we need to follow and obey the safety protocols, in which wearing of nose mask is never an exception, as it is the most enforced safety protocol that every one must obey.

A lady just posted a picture of herself using nose mask a full dress, in which I don't know if she is doing that to educate the public on the benefits and importance of putting on the nose mask or she is doing that just to gain the public attention or it's just for fashion.

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