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Makeup Skills

Two Different Photos of Wendy Shay Without Makeup Get Fans Confused - SEE Surprising Photos

Wendy Shay has been dragged in the mud by some fans saying she is really ugly. They continue to say that that's why she always apply makeup even of she is going to the gym.

One remarkable photo of Wendy Shay is her red face with black pigmented spots. This photo of hers is what most people used to conclude that she is ugly. This perception they have about her is about to change.

Recently a fan made a collage photo of Wendy Shay's recent no make up photo and her controversial no make up photo. Her point was that, Wendy Shay's recent no makeup photo is her true face.

The fan went ahead to say that her previous controversial no makeup photo was photoshopped. Looking at comments of the post, this changed a lot of people's mid regarding the beauty of Wendy Shay.

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Wendy Shay


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