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Wedding guest: 5 lace styles that will make you stand out.

Want to look extraordinarily beautiful?? Wear lace clothes.

Laces have played a very crucial role in fashionable dress ever since it was developed in the 16th century. Lace can be any nonwoven, light, openwork fabric, but according to historical terms it was created using two tools: the needle and the bobbin. Both techniques were time-consuming and required great skill.

Due to the expertise required, laces were extremely expensive and costly. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, when lace became an important element of fashionable dresses, the European courts spent great amounts of money to acquire the finest laces. Due to this demand of laces, new techniques were continually developed to make lace production less costly and time consuming.

Unluckily and unfortunately, when machine lace finally started being produced in the nineteenth century, laces lost its allureand beauty, it gradually became another fashion fabric, used in lingerie, bridal wear, and evening wear.

Before needle and bobbin lace developed in the sixteenth century, the term lace referred to the cords that laced separate parts of a garment together, such as the sleeves to the shoulders, or to close the back of a bodice. The cords were made in a variety of methods, including the use of bobbins to braid the threads. The term also referred to braided tapes of metallic thread that often trimmed military uniforms.

During the sixteenth century, the term "lace" found another meaning when it came to refer to bobbin-made insertions that were becoming increasingly fashionable for trimming the undergarments and household furnishings of the wealthy merchants and aristocrats of the renaissance. An insertion was a narrow band that seamed together two pieces of a garment. Like the cords or laces mentioned above, the insertions were placed between the shoulders and the sleeves, and at the shoulder seams. The bobbin technique was adapted to make these narrow flat bands with delicate openwork designs. While linen was often used to make the bobbin lace insertions, colored silk and gold- and silver-metallic thread were also employed.

We will continue our history on laces later. Recently laces have become popular and known for its elegance.

Below are 5 lace styles to wear if you want to stand out as a wedding guest and look elegant. After all ladies who wear laces rule the world.

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