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God of Fella Please Locate Me. Whatever Your Situation There’s Hope: Just Trust the Process.

Sometimes there are some situations that appear to be greater than you. You appear there is no way or hope for you. You have lost everything- maybe a loved one, lover, friend, job or beauty to an accident. Maybe your ambitions are not seeing any light at the end of the tunnel and that appears to scare you.

For some men, all they want is a beard to boost their handsomeness and appear more appealing to the opposite gender. They also want to feel belonging because the beard is now a big deal. My sister, do you still think about that captivating and gorgeous skin tone? That expensive hair or that pomade that can erase all your scars.

Well, I am here to use the case of Fella Makafui, now Precious Frimpong as a case study. Some years ago, she was slim, not too pretty and voluptuous in hips and backside, but she had the cuts though. Today, look at her beauty! Married to the rich guy- Samuel Frimpong, best known in showbiz as Medikal and has given birth to one child. All these haven’t circumvented her from looking all dashing and mesmerizing.

This goes to say that there is hope for everybody. Nobody will suffer forever- therefore, invest time in understanding the process and staying diligently in the sowing time, your harvest time will surely come. And like Fella, I might probably write about you to encourage another beautiful work in progress Ghanaian.


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