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At the point when you get dressed, you gotta see yourself," L.A. beautician Courtney Mays says, relating a period in her life when examining the mirror wasn't the most charming experience.

The 38-year-old Cleveland local expresses what's fundamental when preparing is setting aside the effort to do the little things — those basic twists that raise her spirits when she gets a brief look at herself in the mirror, regardless of whether it's adding layers of gems to her typical work uniform of sweats, tennis shoes, T-shirts and coats or putting on some mascara as opposed to running out of the house.She initially began to comprehend the excellence of design when she noticed her folks' style ceremonies as they dressed for excursions together. The consideration conveyed through those subtleties — her dad sparkling his shoes and embellishing himself with frill, her mom's skill for making any thing her own, from evening outfits to remixing men's tuxedos with a bustier and siphons — left an enduring impact on Mays.

The opportunities for narrating, for attesting a self-appreciation and revising public accounts without saying a word, makes design a jungle gym of chance. This sharp arrangement matched with an accentuation on customers looking great as well as feeling great radiates through Mays' styling interaction. You feel it as she portrays making great mood at fittings with candles and peppy music just as in the viral style minutes, for example, seeing her customer Phoenix Suns point watch Chris Paul wearing a custom varsity coat featuring every one of the 107 verifiable Black schools and colleges during the 2021 NBA All-Star game.

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