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Unique health benefits of prekese that will make you start using it.

Prekese known as Aridan is well known as a medicinal plant throughout Africa. It is cooked in soup and fed to mothers to prevent post-partum contraction. It is also used to prevent certain types of ulcers, to inhibit the growth of bacteria, as an anti-microbial, to reduce hypertension, to manage asthma, and to promote blood flow.

1. Control Diabetes:

According to studies, the extract from prekese helps lower glucose level in the body which is good for managing diabetes.

2. Acts As Mosquito repellent:

The plant has a strong fragrance and is, therefore, acts as a mosquito repellent. The properties present in prekese are attributed to the essential oils present. Due to Prekese's strong smell, parasites like mosquitoes can't stand it.

3. Postpartum Care:

Prekese and pregnancy is another everyday use of this fruit among many Ghanaian women. It is boiled into a soup and given to new mothers to prevent postpartum contraction.

4. Fever:

Historically Prekese has been used to treat all kinds of fever and cold. soak it in warm water and bath. It is said to be a great reliever of fever and the body temperature.

5. Wound Healing Properties:

Traditionally the aqueous extract from the fruit is used for healing which is proved scientifically too.

6. Has Antibacterial Properties:

The plant contains antibacterial and microbial agents. Due to these unique properties, the extract of the plant is used for making soap. The soap can be used to heal skin diseases, inflammation, and bacterial infection. Aside that, prekese also adds foam, fragrance, and harden the soap.

7. Contraceptive Properties:

If you are looking to space the birth of your children or you are not ready to conceive yet and moreover you want it the natural way the, you should consider prekese as the best option. Saponin and ethanol extract from the stem and bark of this plant has an inhibitory effect on luteinizing hormone released by the pituitary gland. This suggests why this plant equally serves as a contraceptive.

8. Anti-inflammatory Properties:

The plant extracts have anti-inflammatory agents and create an impact on several human pathogens. This can lead to lowering body inflammation, arthritis, and rheumatoid pain.

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