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Five Things Your Hairdresser Will Never Tell You.

Your hair plays a huge role in your appearance. The state of your hair plays an inevitable role in how you're addressed. I'd even say your hair crowns your beauty and as such it's very very vital to keep it well be it permed or natural.

There certain common mistakes we make when taking care of our hair that rather inhibits growth. These mistakes might even be made by your hairdresser and that might add up to why you're not getting your desired hair length.

1. Trimming. It's cutting away broken and split ends of your hair. It helps boosts hair growth, length retention as well as making your hair far more presentable. Trimming hair is a great remedy for tangling hair. When you avoid trimming your ends it actually encourages fizziness. To get thicker and longer hair start trimming those thin and frizzy ends. Trimming can actually be the way to go to reach your hair length goal.

2. After washing your hair don't use a regular towel to dry your hair. Instead use an old t shirt or a microfiber towel. Using a regular towel can roughen your hair shaft. This is usually when you wring your hair with the towel or squeeze the hair to hard. It can cause breakage, worsen split ends and cause craters along the hair shaft that weakens the hair.

3. It's essential to deep condition on every wash day. It's promotes healthy hair growth. Most hairdressers don't know it's importance. Those who know too sometimes try charging you extra. It's important to know different hair regimens and choose what's best for you. Remember it's your hair and no one will take care of it as best as you can yourself. If possible go to the salon with your own products. That way you even know what's in going into your hair. You will be able to quickly point out any product that's not helpful for your hair growth.

4. Thick hair isn't troublesome. Don't fall into the trap of allowing your hairdresser perm or texturize your hair in the name of it being 'hard'. Thin hair on the other hand doesn't indicate damaged hair. However it could be a side effect of using certain products and other mechanical factors. There are some people on the other hand who naturally have thin hair. You can also work on getting thicker hair if you naturally have thin hair.

5. Combing hair can lead to breakage. Combing of hair also helps get rid of tangled hair and is an integral part of hair care. On the contrary combing of hair can also be your biggest enemy in length retention. It's best to comb your hair when it's a bit damp as it reduces hair loss. Combing hair while it's dry breaks the hair significantly. Small amount of water can be sprayed into the hair to moisturize it.

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