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Tv3's Anita Akuffo and Aniela having same fashion taste gets people talking

Aniela is the newbie(the new face) of Tv3 and she is slowly making waves in the country, one being her similar fashion taste with that of Anita Akuffo, also of Tv3 of which many are pointing fingers at her for imitating. 

Anita Akuffo as we all know, has massive fan base support and many are very particular about her every style and finesse so we easily recognize when another person tries to “fill in her shoes" or tries to imitate it by doing something similar and it seems Aniela falls into that category. 

The colour combination of the material of Aniela’s dress matches exactly with that of Anita’s and although the patterns of the dress look a bit different, similarity between the two is quite obvious. Not to talk of the black lace they both used for the arms and the bottom of their respective clothes and although the style was different, because that of Anita’s was fitting but Aniela’s was flair, many are of the view that she did not want to make it obvious that she was trying out Anita’s fashion sense.Another instance is in the flowery dress they both had on, different patterns alright, but similar idea and brain behind it. It looked completely different and similar at the same time. The flower patterns and colours of both clothes are evident to be the same, except for the difference in the puffed up part on the shoulder area of Aniela’s, while that of Anita’s is straight long sleeves.  

It’s good though, to see the positive influence Anita has on those around her and although the imitations are obvious, we love to see our lovely sister making such impact!. And we love the interesting manner in which Aniela changes everything to suit her taste while maintaining the original in a way. She knows not to copy blindly!....

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